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Misjudgments can have a variety of causes. On the following pages you will find more detailed information on the following factors, which are often (partly) the cause of misjudgments. These serve as a deliberately low-threshold first approach to the respective topic, without claiming to be scientific or complete.



Related Links:

Innocence Project

Since 1992, the Innocence Project has worked to exonerate and exonerate those wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reform the US criminal justice system.


Innocence Project - Justice for Lady Justice (Netflix)

Innocence Network

The Innocence Network is a global network of 68 organizations dedicated to exoneration and exoneration of those wrongly convicted and reform of the criminal justice system.

The National Registry of Exonerations

The National Registry of Exonerations has been collecting, analyzing, and publishing information about all known criminal misconvictions in the United States since 1989 to help prevent future wrongdoings.

Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC)

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in the UK is an independent, official organization that can refer flawed criminal judgments back to the Court of Appeal after all legal remedies have been exhausted.

Project: Mistakes and Retrial in Criminal Proceedings

The project "Error and Retrial in Criminal Proceedings"; of the Lower Saxony Criminological Research Institute in cooperation with the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and the Psychological University of Berlin is dedicated to researching errors that can lead to incorrect convictions in criminal proceedings, the decision-making practice in retrial proceedings and the questionwhether certain errors are more difficult to assert than others due to the requirements of the retrial.

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