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The project is accompanied by the following training events for the participating students. These are made available here on the website for all locations.

You can access the lectures by clicking on the images, for the required password please contact us via info[at]

Introduction to the right of retrial (Prof. Dr. Carsten Momsen, Free University of Berlin; Prof. Dr. Johannes Kaspar, University of Augsburg)

  • Basics

  • Empirical findings on wrongful convictions and readmission

  • Request for reinstatement

  • Reinstatement in favor of the convicted person

  • Retrial in favor of the accused

  • Procedural issues

  • Reform perspectives





















Lecture: Misjudgments in criminal proceedings(Prof. Dr. Stephen Barton, University of Bielefeld)

  • Causal research (criminalistics: witnesses/confessions, forensic technology, experts)

  • Prevention (opportunities for defense in criminal proceedings)

  • Correction (revision/retrial, retrial in practice)

Sources of error in criminal proceedings from a psychological perspective (Prof. Dr. Renate Volbert and MSc otzipka, Psychological University of Berlin)

  • Judgment on the credibility of witness statements

  • False Confessions

  • Judgmental distortions

Introduction to criminalistics (Prof. Dr. Stephen Harrendorf, University of Greifswald)

Criminology (Prof. Dr. Stephen Harrendorf, University of Greifswald)

  • Cognitive and socio-psychological effects that can contribute to wrongful convictions in criminal proceedings

  • Phenomenology and causes of such offenses that play an important role in retrial (esp. sexual and violent crime)

Misjudgment and execution of sentences (Prof. Dr. Kirstin Drenkhahn, Free University of Berlin; Prof. Dr. Christine Graebsch, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences)

Exercise: Introduction to Judgment and File Analysis (Attorney Dr. Caroline Arnemann, Munich)

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