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UPDATE: The Munich I Regional Court ordered the reopening in a decision dated August 12, 2022. Mr. Genditzki has been released.

Pressemitteilung vom 12.08.2022 in dem Verfahren gegen Manfred G.
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The project "Wrongful conviction and retrial" is actively assisting in the retrial of M. Genditzki, represented by RAin Regina Rick, among others through the students of the Post Conviction Law Clinic in Berlin (led by Prof. Drenkhahn & Prof. Momsen).

Detailed information about the case and process can be found here:

Press (selection)

"Das Gericht hat immer Recht", published in the ZEIT 2021

02-06-21_DIE ZEIT_MG_Hans-Holzhaider
Download PDF • 240KB

"Im Zweifel lebenslänglich", published in the TAZ 2020

Download PDF • 418KB

"Im Zweifel", published in the Süddeutschen Zeitung 2017

2017_03_11_SZ Im Zweifel von H. Holzhaider
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